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1-FND Digital temperature display allows for precise temperature control to
accommodate any hair type

2-Wide temperature range (130ºC~230ºC). Ideal for all types of hair

3-Fast heat up time and recovery time Within 20 sec (Ambient to 200ºC)

4-Diamond coated plates with semi-permanent durability in thermostable level (400ºC) and hardness(9H)

5- Diamond coating enhances the quality of ceramic coated plate

6-Nano particles on the plate’s surface sustain the non-stick function enhance about 10-20% than normal ceramic hair irons

7-Plate is 10mm longer for effective and efficient styling

8-Automatic shut off in 30 minutes without using the iron

9-360º swivel cord

10- Floating and beveled plates – perfect for creating curls, waves, flips
and ringlets

11- Gentle far infrared & low electromagnetic field (EMF) – prevent
damage to hair


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